Aging Out

When people think about FOSTER KIDS, they picture babies or small children. Little kids without parents are easy to care about. But those little ones grow up quickly and are suddenly dropped by a system they have come to rely upon. Many leave the system without the support systems and skills to guide them to productive adulthood. As many as 25% will end up homeless at some point in their lives.

Picture a normal college freshman, filled with excitement and optimism, but also scared and confused. But this teenager faces a challenge that separates them from the rest of the crowd.

When this student turns 18, he or she officially “AGES OUT” of the C and Y system. These students ask themselves the same questions as the other students:

“How am I going to pay for school?”

“Where will I go for the holidays and in the summer? “

They are alone in making these decisions.

Of the more than 20,000 kids who AGE OUT of Foster Care in America every year, less than 30% graduate from high school. Less than 11% continue on to college or vocational school.

The solution is for their COMMUNITY to be actively involved in their transition to adulthood. Every AGING OUT child has the same wish list:

  •  Affordable housing in safe neighborhood,
  •  Health insurance,
  •  Financial support
  •  Emotional encouragement for their career and educational goals.

Since 1991, Bucks for Kids has provided SCHOLARSHIPS for hundreds of high school graduates. These kids work hard in high school. Many times their teachers are their mentors. They usually have part time jobs.

Suddenly upon graduation, they are responsible for a place to live and their college education. It takes great effort on their part to continue their education as they depend upon themselves for survival.