• B, age 16

    B, 16, has been in kinship foster care with his maternal grandparents for two years. With his grandparents on fixed incomes, the $16 from the County does not pay for Brandon’s clothes. Bucks for Kids was able to write a $150 check  to Walmart so he could buy Brandon the clothes he needs for upcoming culinary school

  • A

    A, a single working mother with two small children, was accepted into the County housing program. However, her $10 per hour job covers only essentials. Bucks for Kids provided her with baby clothes, a car seat and a new crib for the baby.

  • F, age 16

    F, 16, lives with both her parents. Her father works full time and her mother receives Social Security. They have applied for housing assistance. Faith, who has a drug problem, is in treatment. It is important to her self-esteem and acceptance at school to have braided hair. Bucks for Kids granted her $85 to do this.

  • D, age 14

    D, 14, has no family and has been with his foster parents for 3 years. He needed school clothes in the fall and Bucks for Kids granted his $150 request.

  • H, age 17

    H, 17, whose parents are both incarcerated also needed fall clothes. She will graduate in the spring. $100 from Bucks for Kids will help.

  • J, age 4

    J’s father is incarcerated and mother has substance abuse and mental health issues. J and two siblings are placed with maternal grandmother. She must work full-time and J needs summer camp that will provide him opportunities for recreation, crafts and companionship. BFK paid for a month of (subsidized) camp.

  • J, age 12

    J, 12, lost both his parents. He feels lucky to have his maternal grandfather, 72, care for him and his two sisters.  He needed a computer to help him with his school assignments Bucks for Kids bought him one.

  • K, age 6

    K is in kinship foster care with relatives. Both foster parents work, she needs to attend summer camp. As K has been attending this summer camp for the past two years, returning this year would help her maintain emotional stability, and enjoy peer interaction. Camp for two years.  BFK granted  $1,700 for day camp.